Brooks Yates is an entrepreneur and is the CEO of Avisae, a company focused on the health and wealth of it's independent entrepreneurial business people.  He's tactical and while maintaining a strategy. He starts with vision, but can turn that vision into specific steps, making it much more manageable and realistic.

Since an unconventional entry into business, he has helped many businesses prosper, even starting several of his own. His results speak for themselves.  His company enjoyed day-one success, with an increase of revenues of 109% after the first year of operation, 31% by the end of the second year and 300% in the end of the third year. Before this, he helped a similar company achieve success as well. Serving as the Vice President of International Operations he was extensively involved in the expansion of the business into 21 countries, representing an overall value of $456 million. 

I am a business strategist.  It is my belief that all skills are learned and it is my goal to help others learn these skills as well.